Ditch Your Office & Watch Employee Productivity Soar!

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25 Aug Ditch Your Office & Watch Employee Productivity Soar!

When asked to identify the best place to get work done — specifically work that requires maximum concentration and creativity, such as designing a web page, programming new functionality for software, developing a financial report or writing a sales proposal — not a single member of our 34-member team chose the office.

Rather, they selected:

• An extra room at their home
• Their favourite coffee shop
• A train or aeroplane

Our finding wasn’t an anomaly. In a much larger study based on 2,600 interviews, FlexJobs concluded that 76 percent of workers prefer to avoid the office when they have important work to do.

Control Does Not Equal Productivity

So why do so many companies continue to insist that employees show up in the office every day? More importantly, why do most companies even bother to lease office space when most work can now be done just as effectively by remote workers from anywhere, anytime?

The main reason: control…