SharePoint for ISO 9001

15 Apr SharePoint for ISO 9001

The manufacturing industry is becoming infinitely more complex. It’s not just the latest equipment and skilled employees that are needed to drive a business forward, with time being a factor in being competitive, workflow management is also a crucial component, not only to save time but to ensure quality, safety and continuity.


One of our most recent successes was implementing a SharePoint Solutions for a zinc diecasting business who wanted to improve it’s ISO 9001 document workflow and management. Using our ‘Quality Management Module’ we were able to implement a single computerized document repository and management system, using SharePoint to reliably document its quality and safety procedures. With all documentation being in a singular repository, all procedural and process revisions were able to be communicated and updated quickly and documents were able to be modified and workflows properly routed and tracked through to approval.

The ‘Quality Assurance Module’ was able to move beyond the SharePoint out-of-the-box solution by customising the alerts and creating specific quality objectives as well as monitor progress within the ‘Quality Management’ system.

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